To Write Love On Her Heart


January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
Week 4:  January 24
Art Challenge: Writing
Journal Prompt:  Words With Friends

This week's art journal page was tough . . . and I don't mean it was a difficult challenge . . . I mean it was tough for me personally.  And this is the nature of Art Journaling for some.  For me, it is a place to work things out in my heart and in my head.  A diary of sorts, a way to document feelings.  And sometimes, those thoughts come tumbling out onto the page like verbal diarrhea.  I had this idea that I was just going to write a letter to a friend all over my journal, then cover it up with paint, then draw something on top.  But my heart had other plans.  For some reason, a poem I wrote over 30 years ago came bubbling up and as I worked on my page, I knew that it had to find a place in this journal.  So scratch all of my other ideas.  And because it was a difficult thing for me to express and brought up so many uncomfortable things, the page was hard to create -- full of corrections and changes.  But that's my process and as raw as this is, I decided to go with it.  I'm not one to share very personal things, but somehow I thought this page may be meaningful to some of you.

I started with a collection of old papers, maps, vintage wrapping paper, and bits and pieces from previous art projects.  I began to randomly adhere the papers with Gel Medium, leaving white space.

Once the papers were dry, I used a palette knife to spread Texture Paste all over the page.  I decided I wanted a more opaque covering, so I squeezed out some Gesso on the page and spread that on top of the Texture Paste.  Much better.

While the Texture Paste was still wet, I used a Ranger Ink Texture Tool and dragged it across the page in various areas to add some dimension and interest.  You will see how the grooves come into play a little later.

As my page idea came together, I was thinking that I would like to create sort of a plastered wall, with ripped wallpaper.  I wanted my writing to look as if someone was scratching markings on the wall.  In order to achieve this look, I used a Chalk Paint to rub into the textured page.  I used my finger to do this so it would not look uniform.

I started feeling like I had lost all of the color from my page, so I took some watercolor and splattered some red onto the page.  Then I spattered black.  Then I decided it looked like a CSI crime scene, ick.  Since it was splattered with watercolor, it was easy to dab at it with a baby wipe and only remove the watercolor without disrupting the layers underneath.

At this point, I was feeling very uncomfortable - not happy with the way the page was coming together . . . and I realized I was messing around too much with the background because I was avoiding writing out that poem on the page.  I decided to walk away and leave it alone for the evening.  Sometimes you need to just take a step back.

The next morning, I approached the piece with fresh eyes and felt better about conquering the page.  I sharpened my Stabilo Aquarellable Pencil and began to write, holding the pencil way back at the end so I could achieve a messy, scribbly sort of handwriting.

And there you have it. 35 years after writing this poem, it ended up here.  So my "words with friends" ended up being a love letter from my young girl self to the woman I am now.  An exercise in healing through art.

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