Getting Cocky

Week 38:  Draw, paint, doodle, sketch or incorporate a real feather onto your page

Ugh!  I really didn't want to do this challenge - I'm just not a feather person!  Besides, they're kinda hard to draw - at least for me!  But a challenge is a challenge and how do we grow as artists if we don't try?  I scoured Pinterest looking for inspiration and found a stamped face with a Peacock feather!  Well, I knew I could draw a face, so the feather shouldn't be too difficult, right?

Well, 4 tries later, I finally did a feather I was happy with!  Unfortunately, I didn't  take pictures of my process!  Sorry about that!  But here she is, my lady looking regal with her peacock feather hair!

Have a great week everyone - I am really looking forward to seeing your feathers!

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